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Policies and Payment



Christine Cipperly, Psychotherapy and Counseling 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

License #80880
Davis, CA and Sacramento, CA 


Office Policies & Payment


I offer a FREE 20 minutes phone consultation for new and potential clients.


Two Offices


I have offices in both midtown Sacramento and downtown Davis. I am in Sacramento Tuesdays through Fridays and in Davis on Saturdays all day.



Session Frequency


I usually see new clients once a week for sessions that last 60 minutes. The initial, "intake" session may be up to 90 minutes without extra charge. I can occasionally accomodate going over the alloted time, if we feel the need to do so.


Missed or Late Cancellations


I have the standard practice of charging for missed appointments or cancellations less than 24 hours' notice, but I provide the additional service of also following this policy myself. If I miss one of our appointments without prior notice, I will not charge for your next appointment. Of course, true emergencies, or sudden onset of illness are always excused. 




Individual Session  $100
Couples Session     $125
Family Session       $150

I am now accepting credit card payments; Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

I do offer a sliding scale fee when needed. 


Why are my fees so low?

My fees are lower than the standard for a licensed therapist because I do not accept insurance, and  keeping my fees low for all clients, I am still affordable for people who would rather not use their insurance coverage for mental health services




 I do not accept insurance at this time. Many clients with insurance coverage prefer to pay for mental health services because of concerns around confidentiality issues. Billing  insurance companies involves providing information including, but may not be limited to; a diagnosis, a treatment plan, and sometimes the session notes. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for mental health services. I provide my clients with a receipt for payment of services. I do not bill third party payers. I will never release any information about you to anyone without your written permission, except in the cases of child or elder abuse, or if I believe you are in imminent danger to yourself or others.