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About Me

I come to the profession of Marriage & Family Therapist later in life than most, but as a result, I bring more experience, insight, and wisdom to my practice.

I am an adult convert to the Catholic Church. My conversion process was s a surprise to me, and at the same time, it felt completely right, like the clear ringing of a bell.

At the time of my conversion, I was in my thirties and a single mother of two. After several years as an active parishioner at St James in Davis, I met a widower with six children ranging in age from four to seventeen years old. We fell in love and married in the Catholic Church and had a daughter a year later, bringing our blended family to the final total of nine children. This was over 20 years ago and I am relieved and grateful to God that despite many trials and tribulations, the children have managed to grow up. I think I can now safely say they not only survived, they thrived!

After a career as a Health Educator, (I was the first HIV/AIDS Coordinator for Yolo County) I had the opportunity to work for the Diocese of Sacramento as the Respect Life Coordinator. This was a very rewarding position that grew and strengthened my faith. I developed a week-end healing retreat program for women and men who had suffered the pain of an abortion, I started a Teen Chastity Program for parent and teens together, and I was active in many of the pro life organizations in the Sacramento area. My husband and I facilitate Marriage Preparation Workshops for engaged couples for the Diocese.

During the time I worked for the Diocese, I was struck by the number of calls I received from people who were seeking therapy for themselves or their families and wanted to find a Catholic therapist who could understand their problems without showing disrespect for the teachings of the Church. Most of these callers were requesting someone who was faithful, orthodox, and adhered to the values and traditions of our Catholic faith. They wanted to remain true to their conscience and not feel as though the therapist was trying to convince them that what they believed was wrong was really ok.

I began to feel a strong call to go back to school and become a therapist myself. I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco in 2010. 

I worked for Catholic Social Services for several years seeing low income clients in Sacramento. I also counseled students and their families at Holy Spirit Parish School in Fairfield for two years.


Please call me for an appointment and let’s work together to see how I can help you.